Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pajero Sport vs. rivals: Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo

Who does not know of the dynasty Toyota Fortuner? Since 2005, many Indonesian customers who ask for her hand. But after six years had passed, heavy duty, waiting for Big SUV Toyota.
Tough opponents coming from Mitsubishi, Pajero Sport with the emblem of 'Dakar' is supposed to make 'chilling' Fortuner stand. Not really. Because the consumer can select variant Fortuner with a more manly appearance: TRD Sportivo.
As in the Vios and Yaris which have this variant, Fortuner looked more handsome with polished TRD body kit. Front bumper has a thicker accent implies an aura of off-road. Similarly, the footstep and the rear bumper that makes the Fortuner like collagen injections to look younger. Did not feel he was already more than 5 years.
Fortuner interior was neat and provide comfort for all passengers inside. Standard multifunction steering wheel similar to Fortuner models from Toyota's luxury class. What is interesting is the MID in the center console that provides information on fuel consumption, remaining distance, and also compass to determine the intended direction. Wind direction is probably not a big need, but this is clearly one of the instruments needed during off-road.

Speaking off-road, we tested variants Fortuner 4x2 berpenggerak indeed, and is not intended bulldoze heavy field. Still, Toyota Big SUVs are tough for urban terrain. Minimal time devouring puddles when it rains or flooding will not be encountering many obstacles.
Fortuner has a kitchen runway capacity 2494 cc that produces maximum power of 102 hp. 265 Nm peak torque could be felt since the spin machine is at 1600 rpm. But the two rivals do not compare with this, because the Fortuner is the final ranking in terms of performance. Moreover, acceleration 0-100 km / h touch 'head 2', while Everest and Dakar Pajero Sport is a small '1 '.

It should be understood that the buyers who choose Fortuner has a variety of reasons. It may be that performance is not a first sequence in the buying decision, because the Fortuner worthy of a family vehicle capable of providing adequate and comfort.

The main points

1. EXTERIORThe addition of TRD Sportivo body kit makes Fortuner more handsome, and    decentside by side with the Pajero Sport in Dakar, especially Everest

2. INTERIORIMV platform to share with Innova and Hilux cabin makes all three look alike. This makes the atmosphere it becomes familiar and very thick with the feel of a cozy cabin Toyota.

3. COMFORTAlthough a high posture, does not mean Fortuner can not provide comfort. Suspensioncapable of reducing the capital roads uneven. Steering was comfortable grip so the driver has full control.

4. MACHINEFor consumers who do not tepikat with D4-D diesel engine, Fortuner is available in variants VVT-i petrol engine is no less captivating.

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